Monday, June 18, 2007

Drunk Celebrities

A lot of famous people has appeard in public drunk. " Drunk Celebrities" had realised a top with this famous persons. Also I add some videos with some celebs drunk :)

1: Jodie Marsh
British model Jodie Marsh is famous for his fights in public with Jordan after his geting drunk.

2: Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton his decreased in popularity after appearing (on internet) in some home made tapes with his boyfriend (drunk offcourse).

3: Cheryl Tweedy
Cheryl Tweedy, the member of Girls Aloud band, is know as a party girl and is not so quiet when is drunk.

4: Charlotte Church
Pop singer Charlotte Church celebrated 18th birthday with a 14 hours party where his consumed a large quantity of alchool.

5: Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne is geting drunk with his friends and after that is becomming friendly on "dance floor", and after is helped by his friends to go home.

6: Sarah Harding
Singer Sarah Harding is geting out with Victoria Hervey and other friends and is getting drunk

7: Michelle Heaton
Michelle Heaton from LibertyX don't lose any occasion to show her lengerie when is drunk ... even if he doesn't have one :)

8: Anna Nicole Smith
The famous playboy Anna Nicole Smith appearead several times drunk. Anna died in february 2007.

9: Amanda Holden
Everybody expecting to see Amanda Holden more often on mondene events after his split from Les Dennis. Anyway Amanda appears several times drunk in public.

10: Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera it become "Dirrtty" after drink a bottle of Corona (and she get drunk ?)


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Celebrities have a strong reputation between their fans .So I think it will be very bad for them when they appeared in public drunk.They have to be responsible it's good for their career as well as for their popularity.