Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Webmaster Web Tools

I just discovered a very interesting site ... or I can say sites ? In fact are 2 twin sites integrated each other: webmaster web tools and hostmaster web tools.

The tools what this sites provide are:

Backlink Checker
Lookup/reverse and ip/host
Spider View
IP Locator
Alexa Rank Checker
Your IP
Google DataCenter Query
HTML Validation
Sitemap Validation
Visual Traceroute
Link Popularity
Domain Dig
Meta Tag Extractor
XML Validation
Link Extractor
Html Encrypt
Website Speed Test
Source Viewer

The tools are not extraordinary but I was impressed by 2 tools:

1. Visual Traceroute
2. Your IP

Both based on Google maps are doing a very good job. Just check them out.

I recommend this site.