Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jessica Alba and Bollywood dance

One of the most beautiful girl from the world has made, with actor Micke Myers, a Bollywood dance sequence for their comedy flick "Love Guru". Some sources are telling about Jessica

He's a terrible dancer, and he had so much trouble getting the moves down that he changed the Bollywood scene until it was actually flamenco dance moves

Anyway we like Jessica because she have other good talents, for example is “Making The Bikini Seem That Bit More Magical”.

Jessica is Number 1 in FHM Most Sexiest womes so who cares is a terrible dancers !

* Ocupation: Actress
* Birth Name: Jessica Marie Alba.
* Zodiac Sign: Taurus
* Birth Date: April 28, 1981
* Age: 26
* Married: No


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