Monday, October 29, 2007

Marketing for Beggars in 4 easy steps

Marketing for Beggars in 4 easy steps

This page is for all of you. Why ? Because you never know what the future reserv you. You can become a beggar (for example you are in a divorce and your wife will get all the money from you and you will get all liabilities). If you became one you need to know how to get more money from people.

1. First of all all, people tend to react much better to funny beggings than to "deplorable" one. Try to be funny and if you succeed getting a smile, some people will reward you.

2. Try to smile all the time. If you are sad people will ignore you. You will need to be happy to send this smile to others.

3. Let people take photos with you. This is the perfect advertising for you, because your picture will be posted on internet and a lot of people will start knowing you.

4. Write you begging's very clearly to be understandable by everyone.

Next we will show you some SUCCESSFUL beggers:


Gaspy said...

The Darth Vader one is insanely funny

Jose said...

I like this post! It's very funny. It might come in handy for me, since I'm now returning to the blogosphere after a 6 month absence. I may need it to beg for traffic.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Jose said...

You can also check out the Lazy Beggar's Ideas Page for more examples.

Be Lazy,
Be Happy,
Be You !!

the Lazy Beggars