Sunday, October 28, 2007

Right Brain vs Left Brain

Look at the picture below - do you see the dancer rotation clockwise or counter-clockwise?

For me it was pretty obvious the movement was clockwise - imagine my surprise when my co-workers said they see it as a counter-clockwise rotation.

Because the brain doesn't have any additional clues regarding the silhouette movement, it "makes up" the details, so what you see may differ. If you see a clockwise motion, you're using more of the right-side of the brain (the "creative" side); if you see an anti-clockwise motion, you're using your left-side of the brain more prominently (the "logic" side).

It's fascinating to see how small tricks (visual ambiguities, optical illusions) reveal just how much our brains are subjectively involved in analyzing external data. Kinda makes you wonder if we all see the same world...