Saturday, June 30, 2007

Microsoft forcing users to migrate to Vista

Another Micro$oft bullshit: They released 2 games, Halo 2 and Shadowrun, only for Vista and they claim that it is impossible to implement DirectX 10 compatibility over Windows XP arhitecture. Anyway an old group of hackers Razor1911 launched a patch for this 2 games allowing gamers to run this games in Windows XP. Apparently Microsoft restricted installation of the games only from installer and the games are fully compatible DirectX 9.

In my opinion Microsoft is trying to force it's users to upgrade to Vista.
Read Slashdot article here.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Moonlight Surface

Miguel de Icaza and his team developed Monlight ... a "Linux Silverlight implementation".

Silverlight 1.1 ( is a new development technology for the Web created by Microsoft based on the CLR that augments it with a 2D retained graphics system and media playback engine and ships a subset of the standard .NET libraries.

Anyway it seems are in some beta but the program look nice ... Just check out this video with "Moonlight Surface"

Also you can check this Surface Parody :)

And a Windows exception on Surface

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Shampoo advertising

The truth about man :)

But at least it touched her tits :)

Pageflakes Prepares “Blizzard”, Becoming A Social Network

Startpage Pageflakes is preparing latest version of its offering, entitled Blizzard, taking steps to turn Pageflakes into more of a social network. The launch was originally planned for today, but has been pushed back until July to incorporate more feature requests from users.

Read more here

A very interesting study

No more comments :) Just read !

New Microsoft Applications

Microsoft launched a beta of 2 new applications:

1. Live Photo Gallery - shareing, organising, editing photo media.
2. Windows Live Folders - 500 MB online storage service.

With this apps Microsoft is trying to offer a unified service for photos and storage media.

Google Desktop for Linux

Google desktop was launched some time ago for Windows and now (after 3 years) they came with a Linux version. For those who doesn't know what it is :

You have lots of information on your computer, and you see a lot more on the web. With Google Desktop, whenever you look at a web page, read an email or edit a file, Desktop indexes that item and copies its contents into your local cache, so you can quickly and easily find all this stuff right when you need it.

You can read more here.
There is also a paid version (enterprise) for searching company networks.

Anyway we are glad to have a Linux version ...

You can get it from here.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Inside Adsense blog in french

From now announcements, news, and optimization tips for french publishers will be in French. Also success stories will be in French.

Drunk Celebrities

A lot of famous people has appeard in public drunk. " Drunk Celebrities" had realised a top with this famous persons. Also I add some videos with some celebs drunk :)

1: Jodie Marsh
British model Jodie Marsh is famous for his fights in public with Jordan after his geting drunk.

2: Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton his decreased in popularity after appearing (on internet) in some home made tapes with his boyfriend (drunk offcourse).

3: Cheryl Tweedy
Cheryl Tweedy, the member of Girls Aloud band, is know as a party girl and is not so quiet when is drunk.

4: Charlotte Church
Pop singer Charlotte Church celebrated 18th birthday with a 14 hours party where his consumed a large quantity of alchool.

5: Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne is geting drunk with his friends and after that is becomming friendly on "dance floor", and after is helped by his friends to go home.

6: Sarah Harding
Singer Sarah Harding is geting out with Victoria Hervey and other friends and is getting drunk

7: Michelle Heaton
Michelle Heaton from LibertyX don't lose any occasion to show her lengerie when is drunk ... even if he doesn't have one :)

8: Anna Nicole Smith
The famous playboy Anna Nicole Smith appearead several times drunk. Anna died in february 2007.

9: Amanda Holden
Everybody expecting to see Amanda Holden more often on mondene events after his split from Les Dennis. Anyway Amanda appears several times drunk in public.

10: Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera it become "Dirrtty" after drink a bottle of Corona (and she get drunk ?)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Adsense - 132 clicks for 10$ each :)


I was bored and I browsed some forums from Digital Point and I see what miracles you can create with an simple text editor or Dreamewaver. Anyway the page was saved from Adsense and simple modified with other values :)

I have some sites with 12000 adsense impressions with higher CTR than 0.7x :) and I never get more than 2 clicks over 5$ per day :)

The forum is here just enjoy the discussion :

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Simple Webservice Client in PHP

The post about Simple Webservice client in PHP was moved here

Creating a php webservice for C#

The post about PHP webservice in C# was moved here.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Terrorists and Hackers

An "old" video story about "terrorist"/hacker Gary McKinnon.
It is unbelivable how easy you can pass some military security systems. I my opinion the true "terrorist" is the IT administrator or the person who hire the "Admin" on this job.

1. First of all how is possible to access the INTERNAL network of a military institution directly?
2. How is possible to don't have any firewall ?
3. How is possible to have blank passwords ?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

CryTek, CryEngine2 and Crysis

The new 3d engine from CryTek is very impresive ... I like a lot graphics and Interactive Objects ... and the fly of our super hero. Anyway I just wiating this game :)

Vista Aero Versus Beryl (XGL)

I think Vista need to learn more from XGL :) We wait several year for an interface what is using 3d interface but only "program switch" (Alt+Tab) is 3d :)

Adding Google Analytics to your blogger

The Post about Google analytic's in Blogger was moved here.

Microsoft hunting OS Developers ?

Microsoft hunting OS Developers ?

Development veteran Tom Hanrahan, former director of engineering for the Open Source Development Labs and current director of engineering for the Linux Foundation, will be now playing the role of the new head of Microsoft’s interoperability lab, one of the offspring of its deal with Novell in November 2006.

Tom have a lot of experience in Open Source Development.

Anyway we wish a wonderful life for Tom :)

Surface versus XGL

OK ... something about this "Surface" from Microsoft ... I think all technology is already OLD ... why ? Because some other smart guys (is true without to much money) already invented that :)and of course is based on X server from linux and is developed by Novell and other hundread of peoples :)


Linux Part 1

Linux Part 2

Adsense still unavailable

Are more than 20 hours from when adsense is still unavailable for me and is very frustrating when you cannot check your earnings :) I can't no more to ask myself how much money I get today ... 1 or 2 dollars :D