Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wordpress 2.7 - Coltrane

I promise ... last post from this night: Wordpress 2.7 was released

I told you, Santa Claus is insane ... after OpenSolaris, Slackware now Wordpress relase their newest version 2.7.


1. New Interface. (Tomorrow I will upgrade my blogs).
2. New DashBoard with drag and drop (At last my greatest creation !)
3. Customizable screen
4. And the last but the most important: "last time you ever have to manually upgrade WordPress again" ... (I heard a lot of this ... look at SMF)

Good Job Wordpress TEAM and Thank you !

Dell triples Windows XP downgrade tax from 50$ to 150$

This days I'm very happy because I use Debian/Ubuntu Desktops at work and home. Is insane to get 150$ for a downgrade. This is happening for Dell Users:

At Debian/Ubuntu it is free ... and I think no one will want to downgrade (as linux user). Anyway ... if you want it then you can get it for FREE not for 150$.

But is true ... a lot of Laptops vendors are selling their products only with Vista ... and no support for Linux, XP, Apple.

Another beer and I will sleep on the keyboard.

Browsers War - News from the battle zone 2

Chrome 1.0 was released ... a new war will come ... and the winner browser will be:

Why ?

Because Microsoft distribute this BROWSER and they have the most OS sold in this world. Firefox will never win ... But it will be always the BEST Browser.

Hmmmm ... I think I drunk to much beer.

Good night.

Will economic crash boost open source desktops?

Probably yes ... but not so much. Anyway it seems HP puts Linux on business PCs. What means that? Not much ... but it happen because of economic crash. So, probably, more people will interact with OpenSource software.

HP says that it is offering SLED 10 on the machine only in the United States, and estimates that the street price of a base PC will come to around $519.

Cheap price if is coming from HP ... :)

Read more here:

Apple 3d Desktop

It seems Apple will launch soon a 3d Desktop ... After Linux compiz, Kde 4.2 and Microsoft Vista , Apple is coming with their new 3d Desktop.

Apple 3D desktop was revealed in their patent filing. But if you are curious just read more here:

New Release Open Solaris

Jesus ... is like the Christmas tree. Slackaware and now Open Solaris ? Whos next?

Ok ... Open solaris was released. The last release was in May: Project Indiana.

New features:

1. Time Slider, a Gnome GUI that makes Sun's not-for-the-uninitiated Zettabyte File System (ZFS) functionality, like instant data snapshots, available to all users.

2. Distribution Constructor so users can build their custom software stack depending on how they're going to use the OS and a storage feature called Comstar Storage Framework (?) that lets developers create an open storage server.

3. OpenOffice 3, Firefox 3, NetBeans 6.5 and - good heavens - the NetBeans-opposing Eclipse IDE.

New review:
Get it :

Slackware 12.2

I can't belive that ... Slackware 12.2 was released. Slackware was the first distributions what I ever tryed ... in 1997, so I can get some time to announce their release. New features:

1. Kernel + kernel patched with Speakup to support speech synthesizers
2. System binaries are linked with the GNU C Library, version 2.7.
3. X11 based on the X.Org Foundation's modular X Window System. (Only now ?)
4. gcc-4.2.4 as the default C, C++, Objective-C, Fortran-77/95, and Ada 95 compiler.
5. OpenSSH, OpenVPN, GnuPG and Apache 2.2.10
6. PCMCIA, CardBus, USB, IEE1394 (FireWire) and ACPI support great for your laptop
7. Perl 5.10.0, Python 2.5.2, Ruby 1.8.7-p72, Subversion 1.5.4, git-, mercurial-1.0.2 ... (yummy)
8. New versions of Slackware package management tools make it easy to add, remove, upgrade, and make your own Slackware packages.
9. Web Browsers: Konwueror 3.5.10, Firefox 3.0.4 and SeaMonkey 1.1.13
10. KDE 3.5.10 + Koffice + Kdevelop (wow ... really for Slack)
11. More read here

Gmail: 2 new features

Gmail have 2 new features: Tasks and SMS, just look in top right of your Google Mail account.

1. Tasks is something like Google Calendar but integrated with Gmail.
2. SMS allows users to send text messages to mobile phone users ... but is limited to USA.

Useful? Not for everyone ... but if you use intense this Google service ... then will be useful !

Google Native Client Puts x86 On the Web

I can believe that:

Native Client is an open-source research technology for running x86 native code in web applications, with the goal of maintaining the browser neutrality, OS portability, and safety that people expect from web apps. We've released this project at an early, research stage to get feedback from the security and broader open-source communities. We believe that Native Client technology will someday help web developers to create richer and more dynamic browser-based applications.

For all enthusiasts:
1. First of all is not ready for use.
2. x86 code is not portable across platforms.
3. Web means portability ... writing Active X ... sorry asm programs for web ?
4. Modules may not contain certain instruction sequences ... hmmmmm

You are still enthusiast ?

Jesus ... a new way to spread viruses ...

I hope I'm wrong ...

Monday, December 8, 2008

Cheap SDHC card

I just bought 2 x 8G SDHC cards at 12.99$. Is very very cheap ... and the cards is working perfectly. What can I say more about this card ? Is worth it. Just go and buy this cheap SDHC card.