Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sun Compute Cluster solution video overview

In this video, Craig Flaskerud, give us an overview about Sun Compute Cluster

Recorded at the SC08 conference in November, 2008.

TomTom Sues Microsoft

I think everybody remember about Microsoft suit over the FAT patent. TomTom (the GPS manufacturer ) was sued because they use FAT as filesystem for their external storages (SD cards etc). Now is time for payback ... TomTom sues Microsoft for infringement of four patents in Microsoft Streets and Trips. Until now the real question was: The Microsoft are targeting Linux through TomTom? I hope not, but probably TomTom and Microsoft will shake their hands together ... it's just business after all.

Is Microsoft Targeting Linux Through Tom Tom? Oh Please…

TomTom Sues Microsoft for Patent Infringement

IBM will buy SUN ?

Are a lot of rumors on internet right now and is possible to be the witness at one of the biggest deals in Computer industry: IBM will buy SUN. Sun started decline in is hardware department but is increasing every day in Open Source world. IBM can save SUN and can monetize what SUN builds.

Any transaction would strengthen IBM's position against rival H-P. It could be the largest acquisition in IBM's history, surpassing the acquisition of Cognos Inc. last year.

IBM in Talks to Buy Sun in Bid to Add to Web Heft
IBM + Sun = Perfect for open-source monetization

Friday, March 13, 2009

Innodb improvements with the latest google patch

Mysql is becoming stronger with the help of google (and oracle off course) :

And the google mysql improvements page :

Another good resource is:

New in this version of innodb

* Enhanced scalability: the Google SMP enhancement for synchronization
* More efficient memory allocation: ability to use platform allocator tuned for multi-core systems
* Improved out-of-the-box scalability: unlimited concurrent thread execution by default
* Dynamic tuning: at run-time, enable or disable insert buffering and adaptive hash indexing

And all this in a STABLE INNODB Storage for Mysql.

And I almost forgot ... You can download the sources from here

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Patching the linux kernel without rebooting

I think, everyone from Linux industry, knows about kexec (fast rebooting … actually not rebooting just switching kernels) or Pannus (live kernel patching, but right now the project is dead) and their use. The Linux community started very earlier to think at a method to switch or patch a live kernel ...

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Patching the linux kernel without rebooting

Yes, is working. Just look here ... is named ksplice and you can find there all the sources and documentation.

Now you will never reboot a production server just for a kernel security patch. All can be done online.

You can not change the entire kernel without rebooting ! The changes need to don't introduce any semantic changes to the data structure, but for almost all security patches is enough.

Right now supports just x86-32, x86-64, and ARM architectures and have been tested on Linux kernel versions ranging from 2.6.8 to 2.6.28-rc6.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Recovery Act of 2009

What is Recovery Act of 2009? Is a set of measures to increase energy efficiency in the U.S.A (but is better for every one to do that). I found a post from AMD blog: about this problem. So the main idea is: get new pc's wit more energy efficient cpu's and graphics cards. The example found it on AMD blog post is a very good one: airports. Just read the post and you will understand the problem.

Anyway did you know ATI-Fire pro can be used with 4 monitors in the same time ?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The most long flame what I ever see

Look here:

It started 3 years ago when someone post several reasons "Why Windows is better than Linux" ... after that they never stoped ... in flame :)

Anyway the reasons why the windows is better then linux are:

1. installing programs is easy ( is easy as apt-get install program )
2. Anytime you try to install or change something on your own computer you have to type a password. (this is why in linux are so few accidental security flaws)
3. Installing anything good in Linux requires an entire weekend ending up in learning how to reinvent the wheel. (hmmmm ... Yes is true ... linux is user friendly ... but is selective with his friends )
4. To truly use any Linux distribution your going to have to either take classes in how Linux works or spend time reading a lot of books and forums. (Is true if you use it as a enterprise server :) )

I can't stop to comment on his "stupid" arguments. Anyway I think someone from Linux community is made that just to start the flame :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Browsers War - News from the battle zone 4

Safari is the fastest Browser in the world according Zdnet: They used SunSpider suite of JavaScript tests to determine which browser was the quickest.

In this moment the top is:

1) Safari 4
2) Mozilla Minefield 3.2a1
3) Google Chrome
4) Firefox 3
5) Opera 9.6
6) Internet Explorer 8
7) Internet Explorer 7