Thursday, September 25, 2008

Iphone car wallpapers

Just for car addicts. Some wallpapers for your iphone:
1. Cadillac
2. Ford Mustang Giugiaro
3. Chrysler Nassau
4. Audi R8
5. BMW Z9
6. Bugatti

I hope you find something useful here :)
You can get more iPhone Wallpapers here.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wrath of the Lich King

Is anyone who doesn't know about World of Warcraft? I think so. Anyway I just wait for the new patch Wrath of the Lich King. With the new patch some new "funny" mounts are available:

Flying mount - Magic Carpet

And Engineers already have helicopters, so why not a motorcycle ?

Ground mount - Motorcycle

Read a very good post about all features in Wrath of the Lich King here.

Monday, September 15, 2008

How to reset your linux password

The past has moved here

I see a lot of howto's what are based on the same "story": boot in "single mode" and type passwd to change the password, but are some systems like Debian and probably others what doesn't let you get in single mode if you don't know the root password ... so the single mode solution it will not work.

The past has moved here

VLC media player 0.9.2 Grishenko released

After almost 2 years Video Lan Project announced the new release of the VLC media player 0.9.2 (code name Grishenko).

It comes with a new interface for windows and Linux and many many new features.

VLC is known as a multifunctional media player with a lot of features and with a lot of built-in codecs. Also can play various streaming protocols.

With the version 9 of it brings some new codecs support;

AES3 (SMPTE 302M) support
E-AC3 (A/52b) support
VP60/VP61/VP6F/VP62 support
Flash Screen Video support
CamStudio Screen Video support
DosBox Capture support
Karl Morton's Video support
limited atrac3 support
Fraps support
Fluidsynth MIDI software synthesis (with external sound fonts)
New codec FOURCCs to support more specific files:
Avid, FCP, Sony, Samsung, ...
H.264 PAFF support
DNxHD / VC-3 support
NellyMoser ASAO support
APE (Monkey audio) support
RealVideo support (with the RealVideo run-time)
Dirac video support using libschroedinger

For the entire feature list just go here

To download the newest VLC just go here:

Delphi and C++Builder 2009 Trial with ISO download

If you are curious about the new release of Delphi and C++ Builder 2009 you can get your own trial from the codegear site. Look at this post of Nick Hodges for installation and license :

Request your license and iso here

Browsers War - News from the battle zone 1

Soon Firefox 3.1 will be released. One of the most important feature what this new version will bring is the "Private browsing mode". After Internet Explorer is launching this feature in it's new beta and the new Google Chrome is coming with this option, Firefox need to have it.

This feature is in Firefox bugzilla from 2004 (Bug 248970) when Apple announced that option in his browser Safari.

Probably Opera it will have this soon, but until now they doesn't announce anything regarding that.

This feature will disable saving of cookies, links and other cache when you browse with "Private browsing mode" feature on.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Halloween costumes Early and Save

Amazon just lunch a new offer from today until 30 September. Customers getting costumes and accessories by 50$ or more from a single merchant can save $10 plus free shipping.

How to create your own iPhone wallpapers ... online !

Probably almost everybody knows how to create a iPhone wallpaper from a photography, but I found this facility online in one of my favorite sites: Celebrity Wallpapers.

They added some time ago a a new feature on their site: Creating online iphone wallpapers from the already existing wallpapers from this site.

Just go on and choose a car or a celebrity wallpaper. After you choose the wallpaper click on "iPhone wallpaper" from the left menu then just move the marquee on wallpaper to choose the part of wallpaper what do you want it on your iphone. On your right side you will have the preview of the wallpaper.

Some samples (the wallpapers are watermarked because are linked from the site):

BrowseRank = Visits + Stumbleupon

Microsoft just comes out with a new paper about web ranking at SIGIR (Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval) in Singapore.

If you are curios to read the paper just go here and get it !

The idea behind of this paper is simple: Voting and visits. If you get visits and votes then you will get a higher rank. The idea is not so bad, but I don't understand how they will implement that safely. In my opinion they have 3 options:

1. To return to the search page and vote the link what you just visit
2. Integrate in Internet Explorer a voting mechanism (like stumbleupon plugin)
3. All the pages are loading with in a frame and the top frame contains the voting mechanism.
4. Microsoft employ some people to do that.

Let's comment out this implementations:

1. If the user find the information what it looks after, is a very big chance to never return to search engine and vote it.
2. Is a very big chance for lot's of users to never vote this because they don't care about that.
3. This is not a viable solution because then MS can track your every movement.
4. Is a waste of time and resources.

From the paper:

The reasons that BrowseRank outperforms
the other algorithms are as follows:
1) Creating inlinks, which can hurt PageRank, cannot hurt BrowseRank
so much, because the link information is not used in BrowseRank.
2) The performance of TrustRank can be a ected by the selection
of the seed set and the determination of the seed distribution in the
link graph. For BrowseRank, seed selection and seed distribution
determination are not necessary.

All the algorithms have the same big problem: If the people know how is acting then can be influenced by people even if the algorithm is a smart one.

Authors of BroseRank paper are Bin Gao, Tie-Yan Liu, and Hang Li from Microsoft Research Asia and Shuyuan He of Peking University, and Ying Zhang of Nankai University, Zhiming Ma of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Large Hadron Collider Webcams

Lhc webcams:

Lhc - Source

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Large Hadron Collider is ready

Large Hadron Collider is ready and tomorrow is the day of the day ... or the last day on Earth (Not really ... only in 21 October the particles will collide). In this night I will get laid (Is a good excuse for my wife to have sex), smoke, drink and laugh with my friends ... because is possible to be the last day and tomorrow will be the apocalypse. Don't be sad because will be a fast death. Anyway I selected some user comments from Internet what they think about that. Enjoy !

  • This thing is going to kill us all.

    Posted by Aaron August 1, 08 11:53 AM

  • It looks like Half life:)

    Posted by Palko August 1, 08 11:53 AM

  • awesome. where can we sign up to be the first person to jump into a black hole?

    Posted by science August 1, 08 12:03 PM

  • Hope there's not a cable loose somewhere...

    Posted by Jonathan August 1, 08 12:25 PM


hope the world gets sucked into a black hole, then god will look down upon these scientists and say *its not that easy now, is it?*

Posted by: Brandon Louis 3:51pm today

Black holes are good. They destroy greenhouse gases permanently. No more global warming.

Posted by: The Inconvenient Truth 3:50pm today

Don't worry folks MacGyver aka Jack O'Neil has ordered Samantha Carter to find a way to make this black hole go away. You all know how good looking and smart she is, and even if she fails the Asgard still owe us a favour.

Posted by: The Inconvenient Truth 3:46pm today

This all sounds like a James Bond movie minus the Casino full of pokies

Posted by: daniel of melbourne 3:16pm today

Relax! Everyone knows the world will end on December 21, 2012....well according to the Mayans anyway.

Posted by: Greg of Melbourne 2:47pm today

This mad beast starts up at 5pm EST tomorrow. Yay! I get to go to work for 9 hours, then at home time, the universe collapses!

Posted by: mog 2:46pm today

Woo hoo! Does this mean I may not have to cook tomorrow night?? Bonus!!

Posted by: Rona of Melbourne 1:49pm today

Reno. -> RE: End Of The World In 9 Days? (CERN) (1/9/2008 8:26:05 PM)

Stupid mortals. Play Half-Life, then we'll talk.

armageddonbride -> RE: End Of The World In 9 Days? (CERN) (1/9/2008 7:23:59 PM)

Reckon if I asked really nicely, they'd reschedule for the 14th? [X(]

Dead_Faerie -> RE: End Of The World In 9 Days? (CERN) (1/9/2008 7:21:32 PM)


Not before I move up to Manchester!!

Universe Today

# tacitus Says:
August 7th, 2008 at 7:30 pm

Nah — not a black hole — a wormhole allowing the evil hordes of the Hell dimension to invade Earth.

A much more entertaining way to die, don't you think?

# MIchael Says:
August 17th, 2008 at 3:21 am


i read through all the posts, must say some of you people have brought such a big amount of creativity into this conversation.

I live in Switzerland and will count on my country for not sucking up the whole universe!

I wish everybody a "HAPPY WAITING".

Best regards from Switzerland,


# Marco Says:
September 8th, 2008 at 8:25 pm

Man I dont care