Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What to do when you have to much electrical power at home ?

The music is made by 2 identical tesla coils. If you don't recognize the music this is from the Mario Brothers game (a very popular old game)

The Tesla coils stand 7 feet tall and are each capable of putting out over 12 foot of spark. They are spaced about 18 feet apart. The coils are controlled over a fiber optic link by a single laptop computer. Each coil is assigned to a midi channel which it responds to by playing notes that are programed into the computer software. These coils were constructed by Steve Ward and Jeff Larson. Video was captured by Terry Blake.

God and dinosaurs

An interesting opinion about God and Dinosaurus

Biblical creationists believe that man and dinosaurs lived at the same time because God, a perfect eyewitness to history, said that He created man and land animals on Day 6 (Genesis 1:24–31). Dinosaurs are land animals, so logically they were created on Day 6.

As biblical creationists, we don’t require that human and dinosaur fossils be found in the same layers. Whether they are found or not, does not affect the biblical view of history.

You can find more about that here.

Vista vs Mac OSx vs Linux

I collected some videos from youtube about differences and features between Vista, Mac OSx, and Linux. Just look at this amazing videos:

Vista vs Mac Osx:

Vista vs Linux (Ubuntu + Beryl):

Mac Vs Vista - start up

And another one:

Also look here: from PC World

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The fastest laptop for MS Vista is ... Apple MacBook Pro

This is just hilarious:

PC World tested Apple MacBook Pro and they discovered is the fastest laptop with Windows Vista.

Read more here

Processor: 2.4-GHz Core 2 Duo T7700 processor,
RAM: Max 4GB
HDD: 160GB
Video: nVidia GeForce 8600M GT

Apollo 11 astronauts customs declaration

Customs declaration that the Apollo 11 Neil Armstrong filled out upon their return from the Moon. This happen in 1969 when first astronauts landed on moon.

Is just hilarious :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Awake Trailer with Jessica Alba

Trailer for upcoming movie "Awake" with Jessica Alba

On the set of Awake:

More about Awake from skythree

Director: Joby Harold
Writer: Joby Harold
Release Date: 30 November 2007 (USA)
Genre: Drama / Thriller

Plot Outline:
The story focuses on a man (Christensen) who suffers "anesthetic awareness" and finds himself awake and aware, but paralyzed, during heart surgery. His young wife (Alba) must wrestle with her own demons as a drama unfolds around them more.

Cast (Credited cast)

Hayden Christensen
Lena Olin
Jessica Alba

Monday, November 5, 2007

Plan for Emergency Evacuation

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Friday, November 2, 2007

Copying other's blog posts

I think the MY article : Marketing for Beggars in 4 easy steps was a real success because others started to copy it :


Is alright is not a big DEAL ... but I'm little disappointed ... I awaited a single reward ... just a simple F*CKING link to my ORIGINAL post/article/etc:

You can find the original here