Sunday, July 1, 2007

266 sites opened in firefox in the same time

I just want to do a simple expermiment: how many sites I can open is firefox tabs ?
For me the answer was 266 and I have a dual core (3800) amd computer and XP operating system with 1 Gb of ram.

I'm very curious how many sites can open internet explorer 7 :)

Do you want proves ? Try yourself :)

Anyway after 266 sites firefox stop responding on tabs and I can broswe just the latest page (full of javascript and flash without problems) but I cannot switch the tabs :)

After this experminet Firefox is "eating" more than 1Gb of ram.
I cannot say more than "Hurray Firefox !!!!!!!!!!!!"

P.S. All sites are added manually (or open in new tab) and not generated :)


Lan said...

It is not true.

sacx said...

What is not true ? Do you want another prove ? :)


Pern said...

After updating my ram to 1G
I will try it immediately.