Thursday, June 5, 2008

DoFollow Directory

I was strongly impressed by a new directory what I discovered this days: DoFollow Sites. Is not just a simple directory, but also have a lot of NEW (for me at least) features:

1. You can add tags to your site
2. Write comments
3. Add RSS or atom feeds
4. Boost your site displaying it on the first page (for 30 min at least but is more than nothing)
5. You can vote sites.

In other words is building a small community about DoFollow Sites. What is a dofollow site? Is a site what doesn't have "rel=nofollow" on it's anchor tags and are hunted sites by link building community.


Anonymous said...

This is awesome.. I use Search Engine) and I am having success with it. Now I have another link Building source.

Happy Link Building:)

sacx said...

Nice ... thanks for sharing with us. Anyway in Dofollow are a lot of types of sites ... including directories.

Anonymous said...

The Do Follow/ No Follow does confuse me a bit. I don't have a blog yet...working on it...have a lot to learn. Thanks for this information!

Anonymous said... is actually not working very well because a lot of the results are nofollow. is actually a better list.

Anonymous said...

Great thanks for the info. I think that do follow is important to the community.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip.

Greg Ellison

Anonymous said...

Cool info - Thanks! is a dofollow website directory

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