Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Which mp3 player is right for you ?

We don't try to answer to this question because we cannot be objective but we can give you some information's about mp3 player gadgets and their capabilities.

First you need to ask yourself: I need only a simple mp3 player or I want more from my gadget ?

Yes, your gadget can play mp3 files but also, if you get the right one, can play video files. It depends on you if you want to get one with video playback or not. Anyway look at this gadget if it also know WMA, OGG files, because some companies are distribute their audio files in other formats not just
in mp3. Choosing a gadget who knows video playback can be more expansive than a simple mp3 player. Just look at this Apple IPOD mp3 players.

What disk/flash size of mp3 player do you recommend?

That depends on what do you want to do with it:
1. If you want one for workouts, a short commute to work, or a quick chill on the deck just look for this size's

512 MB aprox. 8 CDs
1 GB aprox. 20 CDs

2. If you want it for a travel or for a long go just look after

2.5 GB aprox. 50 CDs
4 GB aprox. 80 CDs
5 GB aprox. 100 CDs
6 GB aprox. 120 CDs

3. If you are a maniac and you want to have all your music on it just get this sizes.
20 GB aprox. 400 CDs
30 GB aprox. 600 CDs
40 GB aprox. 800 CDs
60 GB aprox. 1200 CDs

What else I should check before I get a mp3 player ?

Check the lifetime of batteries/accumulators, the bright of the display, recharging methods (some are rechargeable only through USB), storage (flash, microdrive, hardrive), displaying photos.

Before of all do a research before buy. Look at the next list of links and try to compare between them. Also look at what reviews have each product and choose the right player for you.

What do you recommend ?

Ipod Mp3 players
Creative Zen mp3 players

They have a variety of mp3 gadgets for different budgets and are the best players on the market. Good luck in your choice.