Thursday, March 5, 2009

The most long flame what I ever see

Look here:

It started 3 years ago when someone post several reasons "Why Windows is better than Linux" ... after that they never stoped ... in flame :)

Anyway the reasons why the windows is better then linux are:

1. installing programs is easy ( is easy as apt-get install program )
2. Anytime you try to install or change something on your own computer you have to type a password. (this is why in linux are so few accidental security flaws)
3. Installing anything good in Linux requires an entire weekend ending up in learning how to reinvent the wheel. (hmmmm ... Yes is true ... linux is user friendly ... but is selective with his friends )
4. To truly use any Linux distribution your going to have to either take classes in how Linux works or spend time reading a lot of books and forums. (Is true if you use it as a enterprise server :) )

I can't stop to comment on his "stupid" arguments. Anyway I think someone from Linux community is made that just to start the flame :)