Monday, September 15, 2008

VLC media player 0.9.2 Grishenko released

After almost 2 years Video Lan Project announced the new release of the VLC media player 0.9.2 (code name Grishenko).

It comes with a new interface for windows and Linux and many many new features.

VLC is known as a multifunctional media player with a lot of features and with a lot of built-in codecs. Also can play various streaming protocols.

With the version 9 of it brings some new codecs support;

AES3 (SMPTE 302M) support
E-AC3 (A/52b) support
VP60/VP61/VP6F/VP62 support
Flash Screen Video support
CamStudio Screen Video support
DosBox Capture support
Karl Morton's Video support
limited atrac3 support
Fraps support
Fluidsynth MIDI software synthesis (with external sound fonts)
New codec FOURCCs to support more specific files:
Avid, FCP, Sony, Samsung, ...
H.264 PAFF support
DNxHD / VC-3 support
NellyMoser ASAO support
APE (Monkey audio) support
RealVideo support (with the RealVideo run-time)
Dirac video support using libschroedinger

For the entire feature list just go here

To download the newest VLC just go here: